Charlotte Hatherley - Full Circle - Pretty Much Amazing

Charlotte Hatherley - Full Circle

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You probably know Charlotte as the guitarist that has played with Bat for Lashes. At least, that's how I know her. And I didn't even know THAT until I saw them live. Either way, I was pretty stoked to find out that she has solo work because I assumed, if she's played for Bat for Lashes — and I love Bat for Lashes — then I should love Charlotte Hatherley. If a+b=c, and a+ ... blah blah blah—I failed to realize that logic doesn't automatically mean you're going to love someone. So what all this brings me to is that I didn't really care for "Full Circle." I mean, Natasha Khan's vocals are so much better ...


I'll let you be the judge though. Click below to hear the track:

Charlotte Hatherley - Full Circle