Check Out: Guards - "Do It Again" MP3


Guards have yet to release a full album, but the series of EPs they’ve dropped for free all over the internet since they started making waves in 2010 have been jam-packed with, well, absolute jams. Lead singer Richie Follin is the brother of Madeline Follin from Cults, and it’s pretty clear that pop sensibility runs in the family – Guards songs, like Cults songs, always seem completely effortless in how soaring and catchy they resolutely are.

“Do It Again” is Guards’ latest release (White Iris will drop it on a 7” soon), and it’s really wonderful – the guitar and organ interplay makes it seem like something you’d put on the jukebox in a far-off city before you hit the road again. Check it out.

GUARDS - "Do It Again" (mp3)