Check Out: Poliça & Bon Iver's Mike Noyce


The four young Minneapolians behind Poliça haven’t been making music together long – the band, formed out of the ashes of frontwoman Channy Moon Casselle’s previous project Roma di Luna, just released its first material in the end of August. Though they only have three tracks available to stream right now, their glossy, bass-driven minimalist sound so effortlessly amalgamates indie, pop, and electro that we can’t wait until Valentine’s Day to listen to their full-length album, Give You The Ghost.

Casselle’s cold, pristine, often auto-tuned vocals preside over the rest of her band’s polished, chilly, driving funk jams – the end product is sometimes cacophonous, sometimes effortlessly controlled, always totally mesmerizing. We’re partial to “Lay Your Cards Out,” which features Bon Iver and GAYNGS'Mike Noyce, but you can stream “Wandering Star” (which also features Noyce's talents) and “Dark Star” too.