Check Out: Shy Kids - Field Trips EP

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Anyone else out there miss the days when Animal Collective was all percussion and screaming? We still love that band’s early-days garagey, drum-heavy psychedelic recordings, which might be one of the reasons we dig the new Toronto band Shy Kids, who just released a fantastic three-song EP called Field Trips. Based on these songs, the trio’s anything but shy: their array of massive, clattering percussion, lots of noise, and plenty of shout-along group vocals remind us of Animal Collective’s bratty psych-punk beginnings (those blissful, found-sound montages that close each track are more Strawberry Jam era), but Shy Kids are far from a wannabe cover band. We’d explain in detail how each track packs a powerful emotional punch bolstered by mesmerizing instrumentals, but it’s better if you just listen for yourself. It’ll only take you fifteen minutes, and we can’t pick a favorite, so press play and close your eyes.