Chiddy Bang Album Pushed Back to 2011, Mini-Album in October


Chiddy Bang's debut album, The Swelly Life has officially been pushed back to early 2011. Earlier, the 19-year-old duo had mentioned a late Fall release. Well now, CB are releasing an eight track "mini-album" on October 11 aptly titled The Preview. Like Xaphoon put it, "The main purpose of this release is to give our fans some new music whilst we finish recording our debut album, Swelly Life. It’s called The Preview because it gives listeners a glimpse of what's to come on Swelly".

The Preview will include the best of Chiddy Bang's earlier days — the MGMT-sampling "Opposite of Adults", the Passion Pit-sampling "Truth" and the Sufjan Stevens-sampling "All Things Go". The mini-album will also spawn a new single, "The Good Life", which Xaphoon Jones produced with N.E.R.D's Pharrell (!!). Then, Chiddy Bang will have hip hop legend Q-Tip on a "fierce dance-floor friendly dubstep" jam called "Here We Go".

Like I said before, The Preview will be out October 11 on EMI. We don't have any media from the new mini-album yet, so let's remember the greatest Chiddy Bang track that didn't make it to any of Chiddy Bang's mixtapes and, presumably, their album — their Radiohead-sampling "Because". Chiddy just kills it but Radiohead won't clear the sample... come on Radiohead, you're harshing my buzz.

Chiddy Bang - "Because"