Chiddy Bang - Day and Night (Chiddy Bang Remix)


Chiddy Bang are making some serious noise thanks to their infectious tracks and their excellent use of our favorite songs. If you read this blog, you know that I love covers and remixes — and you will come to learn that new school sampling is my religion. However, I am still a strong proponent to originality in music; I like to hear new and exciting things, and Chiddy Bang fits the bill.


We last left Chiddy Bang tweaking out to some MGMT, and this time they're back sampling the master-class new school sampler, Kid Cudi. We've all heard "Day N Nite" done a million which ways and I'm pretty damn tired of it. Chiddy Bang does a great job keeping "Day and Night" familiar while giving the song its own identity.


Check out Chiddy Bang's myspace page for dates for their upcoming Kung Fu East Coast Tour. Also, if you're in the NYC area on May 13th, Chiddy Bang will be hitting up Southpaw in Brooklyn — this is a show you must check out!