Chiddy Bang - Fresh Like Us (Xaphoon Jones Remix) PMA Premiere



It's hard not to akin Chiddy Bang to the Cool Kids, but I don't remember the Cool Kids dropping anything as good as what I've heard from Chiddy Bang, in a long while. A couple of weeks ago, I posted up 5 songs from these guys to an incredible response.

Oh, and yes, I'm still reeling over that Radiohead-samplin' track. Kudos to Xaphoon Jones, Chiddy Bang's beatmaker and sampling enthusiast. Double Kudos to Xaphoon for this fresh remix of Chiddy Bang's "Fresh Like Us." On this new version, the sample has been pumped up and the back-beat lets us know that Chiddy Bang, and their bud Theodore Grams mean business.

Chiddy Bang tell me that Xaphoon's mixtape is dubbed "Too Gangster for Hipsters, Too Hip For Gangsters Vol. 1" and it's dropping this Spring. Download "Fresh Like Us" below:

Chiddy Bang - Fresh Like Us (Xaphoon Jones Remix ft. Theodore Grams)