Chiddy Bang "Opposite of Adults" Music Video


Chiddy Bang's "Opposite of Adults" (also known as "Kids"), the MGMT-sampling, career-launching summer scorcher from The Swelly Express, is finally getting a proper release, and with some justice, Chiddy Bang will see the commercial success they deserve.

Chiddy Bang is hitting up the UK first (you lucky bastards) with the Opposite of Adults EP, which is out on February 22nd. Parlophone, has posted up the official music video for "Opposite of Adults" on their YouTube channel. Watch it above, and head over to Chiddy Bang's myspace page for a free download of "Ice Cream Man".

PS: It's incredibly awesome to hear a PMA shout out on a major label music video/release.

PSS: You can watch the "Making of" behind-the-scenes video of "Opposite of Adults" below: