Download: Clams Casino - #BSIDES Instrumentals


More instrumentals from beatmaker extraordinaire Clams Casino: dude dropped a bunch of tracks he produced for Lil B, Mac Miller, and others on twitter as b-sides from his new instrumental tape, geniusly titled Instrumental Tape 2. We can’t think of any other producer out there whose beats we enjoy listening to instrumentally as much as Clams’ – they’re hypnotic and complex and fascinating, working completely as awesome accomplishments on their own. We’re particularly digging the woozy, staggering “Live From Da Hood,” which will sound unfamiliar without Lil B’s vocals over the top. Check them out.

Lil B – “Live From Da Hood”

Sha Stimuli – “Coldness”

Havoc – “Always Have A Choice”

Squadda B – “Never Understand”

Lil B – “1 Time (Remix)”

Mac Miller – “Cold Feet”

Sha Stimuli – “23 Dollars”