MP3: Cloud Nothings - "No Future/No Past"


Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi is probably 20 years old now and has already released more 7-inches than you can shake a stick at, not to mention a really awesome self-titled full-length LP. Now, less than a year (of relatively constant touring) after that record, Baldi is back, again, with news of a new LP called Attack on Memory, that will drop in January.

As if he didn’t already make you feel totally unaccomplished, Baldi’s developed a whole new set of tricks, judging by first single “No Future / No Past” – his new material doesn’t quite continue in the same vein as the sub-two-minute fast-as-hell super-melodic songs from any of his previous efforts. Rather, “No Future / No Past” sounds like a total mental breakdown put to surprisingly well-produced music, as tense, layered guitar and vocals devolve into Baldi totally losing his voice over the song’s title. Check it out.

Cloud Nothings - "No Future/No Past" (mp3)

Attack on Memory is out January 24 on Carpark Records.