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MP3: Cold Cave - "The Great Pan Is Dead"

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Goth dance trio Cold Cave are back with some exciting news about a second LP — Matador will serve up Cherish the Light Years come April. In the meantime, the band have dropped a teaser, first single “The Great Pan is Dead.”

It’s like Sleigh Bells fronted by Robert Smith — frontman Wes Eisold’s low and pained voice is all confidence, yearning, a palpable and driving ache, and his bandmates back him up with enough disparate electronic effects to probably spread out over ten songs.

"The Great Pan is Dead" is densely layered, hyper-considered, a step in the hi-fi direction for the onetime bedroom project. It’s a cold song in how distant and machine-driven it sounds, but close and confessional enough to get right in your heart. Listen up!

MP3: Cold Cave - "The Great Pan Is Dead"