Coldplay - The Goldrush


"The Goldrush" is probably the 136th song to pop up from the Viva La Vida well, in a little less than8 months. Coldplay are really milking this baby for all it's worth. This new B-Side belongs to the new "Life in Technicolor II" single they're releasing via Parlophone.

Alright, so let's go through the singles that have come from this Viva La Vida/Prospekt's March thing — "Violet Hill" (Coldplay's greatest rawk!! song), "Viva La Vida" (on the best pop singles of 2008), "Lost" (ft. Jay-Z - it was already my favorite track off Viva, Jay-Z was a great bonus), and "Lovers In Japan" was a nice little radio single to hum along to while driving to school/work. My vote for fifth single went to, and still goes to, "Yes" — just because LiT2 reminds me of "Lovers In Japan" too much, and let's face it, "Lovers In Japan" hardly impacted pop at all.

But I do like "The Goldrush." I like that Chris Martin steps down from the mic and lets drummer Will Champion sing for us. I also like how active Coldplay are. I like how they are still saying we will listen to another new album this year.

Give "The Goldrush" a good listen or two below:

Coldplay - The Gold Rush