Cool Kids x Hey Champ - (We Are) Champions


It’s very refreshing to see the versatility of a young group like Hey Champ. Though their roots lie more in indie-electro music, they don’t limit themselves to a singular label or genre. With the newly released single, (We are) Champions, they’re dabbling in hip-hop for the first time, and the result is straight dopeness.


The Cool Kids version of Champions that came out earlier this year was great- in an NBA Live/ ESPN kind of way (I think it was actually used for a commercial or video game?) Hey Champ has made it their own now, completely changing everything but Mikey and Chuck’s signature freestyles. You can’t even recognize this joint as being anything close to the original.

This track will definitely appeal to a wider and more diverse group. Hey Champ has created a smooth ballad-like joint fusing the Cool Kids’ rhythmic freestyles with their own very fresh instrumentals and vocals.

It’s nice to see two genres of music co-exist like this, and actually enhance each other. Big ups to Hey Champ for this remix, it might be the best thing I’ve heard all week.

Cool Kids x Hey Champ - (We Are) Champions

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