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Crystal Castles - "Baptism" (No Age Remix)

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"Baptism", the 8-bit new rave masterpiece and clear highlight of Crystal Castles (II), has been remixed by Los Angeles' noise popartistes No Age. It's great really, because earlier today I was chatting with the cute girl serving me three-dollar coffee and we were talking about how awesome it would be to listen to Alice Glass throw her shit around during a tremendous Savannah Desert sandstorm. Go figure, it sounds just like a No Age jam session. Internets, I salute you.

Crystal Castles - "Baptism" (No Age Remix)

If you haven't heard the original yet, education/ecstasy comes in the form of an orange SoundCloud player:

No Age also have a new single out. It's called "Glitter" and it really does glisten — as much as a No Age sound can, of course. Listen / download it @ My Old KY Blog