Hello everyone, and welcome to the second installment of Dan's Dance Party.  I would be Dan, and I'll be showing up on your glowing rectangle every Thursday to make sure you have been, will be, and are currently breaking it down, with much gusto and vigor.  There's slightly less caffeine in my bloodstream this week, so those readers who were too old or too tired to handle me last week might have a better shot - to the rest of you, rest assured, I'm just as amped about this week's column.

Why am I amped, you ask?  Well, rhetorical device, I'll tell you:  I'm super stoked because I've got an interview with electro up-and-comers PANCE PARTY, a face melting trio of dudes from the mean streets of San Francisco's SOMA/Tenderloin neighborhood.  Seriously, mean streets - they once saw crackheads fucking on their apartment building's doorstep, which explains a lot about their music (not really).  My own romance with PANCE PARTY started when I met Ben Swardlick, a.k.a Swardy (pronounced Swurd-ee), 1/3 of P.P. and a hell of a dancer, when we both attending UC Santa Barbara.  It has been my distinct pleasure to witness (from the left, in the photo) Andy, Eric & Swardy's rise to power in the last year and a half, as they've ridden huge distortion and head-banging beats to the forefront of the new electro vanguard (doesn't that sound fancy?).  After topping the Hypemachine charts with their remix of Chester French's "She Loves Everybody," PANCE PARTY is now seeking world domination with a brand-spanking-new remix of Felix Cartal's "Skeleton" (download below!), and the three madmen are cackling maniacally while crafting their new original material.  Although I know PANCE PARTY as friends, I am 100% serious when I say that I like their music in and of itself, and would like it even if they turned out to be R.Kelly-type urine fetishists.  Without further ado, Dan's Dance Party presents:


What is Pance Party's origin story?

Andy: Pance Party started as a Nickelback cover band, but we soon realized that you can't top their level of musical perfection and decided to try our hand at something different.

Swardy: He was a boy

She was a girl

Can I make it anymore obvious?

He was a punk.

And she did ballet.

What more can I say?

He wanted her.

She'd never tell.

Secretely she wanted him as well.

And all of her friends

Stuck up their nose.

And they had a problem with his baggy clothes.

Eric: Swardy (Ben) and I started producing a bit back at UCSB.  We came to study music theory and production at Pyramind up here in SF and we came across the mad scientist that is Andy, our 3rd leg, so to speak.  Fat basslines started to commence. The rest is Pancestory.

More specifically, if Pance Party was a superhero, what would it's origin story be?

Swardy: Powwwwwwwwwderrrrred Tooooooooooast Maaannnnnnn!

Andy: Pance Party is a troupe of vigilante cats who can see through wooden doors.

Since this is a column about breaking it down, what is your go-to move when you're out on the floor?

Swardy: I like to get a girls number as fast as possible and then text message ask her to dance.

Andry: One word: Daggering.

Eric: Oh, definitely pop n lock. Or at least I try. If I've had enough to drink that is.

One song, for each of you, that sets you off and no matter what else is going on, whether you're in a train station or a hospital or in bed or in the club, and you just HAVE to break it down.

Andy: Aside from Nickelback's "How You Remind Me"? Probably "Starter" by Boys Noize...

Swardy: Siriusmo - Wow (Modeselektor Remix).

Eric: FLAT BEAT - by Mr. Oizo.

Y'all are San Franciscans... what's your favorite thing about living in the city?  Your least favorite thing?

Eric: Favorite: The weather, I like cool weather.  Fog is nice :)  Least Favorite: The crackheads.

Andy: My favorite thing about San Francisco is the vibrant array of dog parks, filled with frolicking puppies. My least favorite part? Too many vegans.

Swardy: Fav: Chavos Mexican Restaurant. Least Fav: San Francisco House Music.

Which dj/artist/music personality would you most want to fight, if given the chance?  Would you win?  Bonus points for most vivid description of how the fight would go.

Andy: If I could fight any producer, it would be Dubsided'sSticky K. That guy is about as intolerable as a Vegan restaurant. I would dress up like Haggar from Final Fight, and piledrive a Great White Shark onto his head. [DDP note: Sticky K is a fellow UCSB alum, and I'll ask him if he thinks Andy could take him when I interview him next]

Swardy: Günther.

Eric: Yep, Günther.

Alright, so maybe some more music related shit.  What is unique, musically, about Pance Party?  Also, what are you most proud of/what do you think is the strongest aspect of your work?

Andy: We try really hard to avoid slotting our sound into any specific genre, because dance music is defined too often by what's trendy at the time. We're really proud of the fact that we incorporate a lot of different styles into our music, but we always maintain a signature feeling that lets people know they're listening to Pance Party.

Eric: Well I really like the idea of writing banging electro tracks with a gritty edge, but still keeping an element of humor in the music and our imagery.  We like to poke fun of artists in the scene who can't laugh at themselves.

Swardy: I'm proud of the time and care we put into remixing. We've avoided a generic workflow. That way we approach every remix like an original song — Something to be judged based on our composition, not the popularity of the original.

What would you like to improve about Pance Party's shizznit?

Eric: We need to get more sun.  We're all whiter than Icelandic albinos.

Swardy: Our style man... Andy and I dress like bums. Eric presents himself well but we could all use a makeover.

Andy: We'd really like to incorporate more four-part vocal harmonies in our music. And for the record... I'm wearing a bright pink "Hairy Otter" shirt right now. Pretty sweet.

Where do see Pance Party in 1 year?

Andy: I think our biggest goal as a band is to travel the world. So hopefully, we'll have traveled the world and I'll be in a moderate to luxurious rehab facility.

Eric: Traveling around Europe, promoting our latest EP, or album (hopefully).

Swardy: Chavos Mexican Restaurant. No but seriously: Shanghai.

What's your favorite track you've done?  Can we have it?

Swardy: Our new original, Maru!!! And No. Not yet. but sooooooon.

Eric: Fun Factory.  It always makes people go insane at our shows.  And yes, here is a link: FUN FACTORY DOWNLOAD

Andy: We're really stoked on a new remix we did for Lil Jon's "I Do" remix contest. We finished it in a few days, but it's a rare instance where everything came together almost perfectly. [DDP note: you can hear it HERE]

You've got a new remix of Felix Cartal's Skeleton... it is rad.   I love how you guys took the edgy/grating sound of the original and added some PHATNESS to it.  How did you guys end up remixing that?  What's the process like?

Eric: Well for that track, we pretty much re-voiced every part.  And we accentuated the gnarlyness.  And we added the cackling ghost character "Boo" from Mario 64.

Swardy: We met Felix briefly after his show at Vessel here in SF a month or so back. We asked for stems and he said sure. Couple days later we connected online and voila! He came across as very approachable.

Andy: We always felt that the original's drop, while very cool, was a little bit underwhelming for our tastes. So we recorded it to tape, put it in the toaster oven with some Taco Bell lava sauce and... boom!  Seriously though.... LOTS of distortion, and LOTS of experimentation.

Alright.  You ever brushed your teeth with Jim Beam?

Andry: Swardy?

Swardy: Your Mom.

Eric: Does not brushing your teeth after drinking Jim Beam count?  If yes, then yes.

What are your favorite: hot sauces, hard liquors, OG gangsta rap songs, and pizza toppings?

Eric: Wow, top notch question:  hot sauce: Tapatio, Booze: Jagermeister, Rap song: "93 till Infinity" by Souls of Mischief. Ranch Dressing. Boom.

Andy: Also Tapatio. Es una salsa, muy salsa. Wild Turkey. Nickelback's "Someday". Pizza Hut Breadsticks.

Swardy: Such a good question. Ok. Taco Bell Fire Sauce. Rumplemintz! Dr. Dre. - Some LA Niggaz. And.... HAWAIIAN SHIT!

Forgot to ask this earlier: could you describe your set up?  What do you use to make music?  To play/dj music?

Andy: Our production home base is always Logic, but we dabble in just about every audio program depending on what we're trying to do at the time. Ableton, Pro Tools, Reason, even Mario Paint composer. Every tool has its own sound, and I'm definitely the kind of guy who finds inspiration  by playing around with new sound makers. Reaktor is really good for that - tons of really heady people have made some absolutely KILLER synths and sound destroyers that are all available to download from the intertubes.

Swardy: Produce in Logic. Perform Acapella. Or With Ableton Live.

Eric: Yeah, what they said.

Thanks for the time duderinos.  Hasta luego.

Pance Party: What the hell does that mean? This is 'Merica.... We speak 'Merican!

And there you have it!  I can only say that I was shocked and disgusted by these terrible people, and I hope you were too.  Seriously... jagermeister and rumplemintz?  BLECCHHH.  Although that time they showed back up in Santa Barbara with a garbage bag of half-drank plastic bottles of schnapps does make more sense now.  Anyways, I hope you all like it and learned some valuable things, and will come back next week for some fresh tunes, and the week after that and after that and after that for interviews with: Sticky K, Dance With White Girls, and Washed Out.  Thank you, I love you, and peace out!

oh yeah I almost forgot - (Download all tracks)


A Million Puppies - DOWNLOAD

Big Mouth - DOWNLOAD

Fun Factory - DOWNLOAD

Sunny G's - DOWNLOAD

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