Daniel Merriweather and Adele - Water And A Flame


Ladies and gentlemen, here are your new voices in soul music.


Daniel Merriweather blew us all away with his single "Chainsaw" off of his upcoming album, and now PMA presents you with another stellar track; this one more beautiful than funky. Adele's voice compliments his gorgeously, as the two sing back-and-forth, calling, responding, and duetting on the climactic chorus.

Starting with nothing more than shushed choir "ooo-s," "Water And A Flame" grows into a haunting ballad, with an exceptional melody, fantastic strings and instrumentals in the background, and two of modern soul's best voices singing together. Just over halfway through the song, Merriweather and Adele trade off verses, each trying to top the last with a higher note or a more prominent raspy vocal- and it works to stunning effect.

This is straight off of Merriweather's upcoming album Love And War, which could prove to be one of 2009's best if the first few singles are any indication.

Take a listen for yourself.

Daniel Merriweather and Adele - Water And A Flame