Daniel Merriweather - Chainsaw




Rising star Daniel Merriweather has already toured with Kanye West and Justin Timberlake, worked with Mark Ronson, and exploded to the top ten of the U.K. charts, which begs the question: how come this guy isn't huge everywhere?

After hearing his latest offering, "Chainsaw," I find that question even tougher to answer. Merriweather expertly crafts soulful, bluesy, intelligent pop music. "Chainsaw" features him singing over an old-school background, funky electronic keyboard all. He croons, Stevie Wonder style, making sure to emphasize the "soul" in "shoulders" and "older." He fills the song with "la-la-la-s" and "woah-oh-oh-s."

This song gets me ridiculously excited for Merriweather's upcoming album, which will be released under Ronson's record label. Hopefully an overdose of horns, piano, and Merriweather's phenomenal voice will combine for an album that brings back the funk.