MP3: Das Racist's Heems x Katy Perry - "Teenage Dream"


Because of course he did, Himanshu Suri (aka Heems) of stoner dissertation rap duo Das Racist decided to liven up a snowy winter by slowing down, cutting up, and rapping over Katy Perry’s ultimate summer anthem “Teenage Dream.”

Perry’s voice is pitch-shifted enough to sound like a man’s (I’d say Antony Hegarty’s, if I had to make a comparison), which makes that monstrous chorus into fodder for gender studies papers (has ever a man sung a blockbuster pop song about taking a chance on young love?), Heems’ characteristic slant-rhymed couplets are echoed and layered so they sound like acid-tinged drugologues – all in all, it’s a compelling and bizarre reworking worth a download and afew listens. Check it out.

MP3: Das Racist's Heems x Katy Perry - Teenage Dream