Download Death Grips' Free Album niggas on the moon

The best part: it reportedly features Bjork on all eight songs.
death grips

Surprise! Death Grips have pulled a Beyonce and out-of-the-blue dropped niggas on the moon, the first half of a double LP called the powers that b, which'll be out physically later this year. The real surprise at play here - according to the band, the record features Bjork on all eight tracks. You can stream it below (and download it here), peruse the tracklist (it's packed with great titles), and keep an eye out for Jenny Death, the second half of the LP.

Death Grips, niggas on the moon
01 Up My Sleeves
02 Billy Not Really
03 Black Quarterback
04 Say Hey Kid
05 Have a Sad Cum
06 Fuck Me Out
07 Viola
08 Big Dipper