mp3: Deerhunter's Lotus Plaza - Overnight Motorcycle Music

Lotus Plaza Overnight Motorcycle Music

If you need your dose of blissful ambience today, look no further - out of nowhere, here's a new instrumental cassette from Deerhunter's Lockett Pundt as Lotus Plaza, Overnight Motorcycle Music, which comes with "Indian Paintbrush" backed with "Gemini Pt. 1." The 14-minute a-side is probably what coming back to life after almost dying feels like - right on the border between gorgeous and extremely creepy, with infinite-sounding layers of guitar loops compounding one another into delirious, soaring sounds. The b-side is a little more structured, showing off Pundt's inhuman ability to capture exactly what a sunrise feels like (seriously, how does he do that?). You can pick up the physical cassette via the Atlanta label Geographic North or download both songs for free below.