Diamond Rings: "Wait and See"


Following up on last year's irresistibly charming "All Yr Songs", Toronto's Diamond Rings offers up "Wait & See". Instantly you will notice that the fluffy cheese that was so warmly welcomed with its predecessor is pretty much gone. It's grounded, more serious, yet you can't help but feel it's still filled-up-to-here with charm, fully equipped with the ironic cheapo drum machine that had initially pulled us into "All Yr Songs".

John O'Regan, the man behind the drum machine, will be releasing "Wait & See" on a 7" single, backed with "On Fire" via Tomlab. You can stream "Wait & See" belowUpdate: You can now download the MP3 for free below; I'd recommend it:

Diamond Rings' Special Affections LP is out later this year. Watch out for it.