MP3: Digitalism - "2 Hearts"

Digitalism 2 Hearts

Four years have passed since German indie dance/nu-rave duo Digitalism came out with their club friendly debut Idealism. A while ago we discovered that they would be finally be putting out the follow up to the successful LP, with the aptly titled I Love You, Dude.

We've already heard “Blitz,” which appeared on an EP last year of the same name, and now the DJs have put out a new cut from the record called “2 Hearts.” Very much in the style of the more vocally charged tracks on Idealism, “2 Hearts” is a progressive electro banger; head bumping, deafening and screaming with distorted synthesizers. I Love You Dude is out June 20th via Cooperative and also features a song with the Strokes' Julian Cassablancas. Sweet.

Digitalism - "2 Hearts" (MP3)