Diplo Remixes Britney Spears' Circus



Twice! Sort of.

His latest offering was anything but impressive, but with Britney's quite fantastic "Circus," Diplo has definitely re-exalted himself. Word around the rumor mill is that this is THE OFFICIAL remix of Britney's explosive hit. Diplo adds a little grime to the slice of pop heaven to the point that if it weren't for the sparse moments where he throws in Britney's vocals,  it would almost be unrecognizable.

The first remix, "Diplo's Alt Clown Remix" is the most accessible of the two, clocking in at 3:12, just like circus' album version. The mix features some impressive drumloops, reminiscent of Britney's criminally underrated "Toy Solider." The instrumentals on here would have fit nicely in any of the M.I.A. albums (hey, you creative types, why don't you find a suitable M.I.A. verse and prop it in there?).

The second and main remix, simply tagged as "Circus (Diplo Remix)" is, by far, my favorite. This is the only remix that even comes close to the original track — and at some points, I think it even surpasses the original. Believe it or not, this mix is a slowburner and the build up is phenomenal. Diplo, once again, drops some sexy drums here. BIG, sexy drums. This is one of 2009's first great remixes.

Britney Spears - Circus (Diplo Remix)

Britney Spears - Circus (Diplo's Alt Clown Remix)