Dirty Projectors - Ascending Melody - Pretty Much Amazing

Dirty Projectors - Ascending Melody

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Dirty Projectors just released an EP for their track "Temecula Sunrise" that will also include another Bitte Orca track "Cannibal Resource". From the EP, we do receive two exclusive tracks that did not make it on their album release. Unfortunately for those Stateside, the EP is only being released in the UK, but we do have "Ascending Melody" available for you  and we think that it is just amazing.

It's a jam session where the vocals harmonize sweetly and the guitars are complicated and add a nice flair to a vocally driven track. By the end you're clapping along as if you were there for the session. Listen to the track below and just enjoy the experience of "Ascending Melody".

Dirty Projectors - Ascending Melody