Discovery - So Insane/I Want You Back (Jackson 5 Cover)


"So Insane" is another track off Discovery's metronomic album, LP that has a so-insane hook, "oh baby you got me going so insane and I just don't know what's going down" that, along with "Orange Shirt," this song will go down as one of LP's highlights. Discovery, one big part Vampire Weekend and an even bigger part Ra Ra Riot, stick to their formula of breaking down the walls the indie and pop communities built between them.


Throughout the song's 3 short minutes, you can hear finger snaps from the house of T-Pain (not to mention the Auto-Tune!), Crystal Castles glitch-breaks, and synth reminiscent of Hot Chip. However, like all of the Discovery tune's I've heard, "So Insane" sounds unmistakeably fresh. Listen to "So Insane" here.

Go to page 2 for Discovery's Jackson 5 Cover.

As you all know, today is Cover Tuesday, so I couldn't post about Discovery without sharing their cover of the Motown classic "I Want You Back." While fans of the Jackson 5 original might be disgusted by Discovery's over-the-top robotic rendition, I applaud Discovery for their ballsy move.

Discovery's "I Want You Back" is like Warhol's "Double Mona Lisa," a modern recreation of timeless classic that, instead of vandalizing the artwork, it shows us a new, exciting side that otherwise we would have never seen.