Download: Dominique Young Unique - Stupid Pretty Mixtape


Why is pint-sized Floridian rapper Dominique Young Unique not huge yet? She’s got better flow than Nicki Minaj, a great live show, Go! Team guest slots, and three awesome mixtapes, all of which go to prove that she’s poised to make a hell of a splash.

Stupid Pretty is her newest release, and it’s as good as her irresistible previous mixtapes, Glamorous Touch and Domination. Whoever’s doing her production can make a hell of a clubby, catchy backing track, which Dominique consistently owns with her braggy schoolyard chants and lightning-fast disses. She’s “that bad bitch you wanna get with,” she’s “like Weezy with a vagina” – she’s one of the hottest new talents in her scene. Any of the tracks on Stupid Pretty would make a perfect addition to your party playlist.

Click the image below to download:


Dominique Young Unique - "Stupid Pretty" (mp3)