Download The Antlers Space Sound-Samping "Jupiter"

Made with sounds from Voyager space probes as it travelled past the planet Jupiter!

Here's something you don't hear every day. Earlier this year, in anticipation of Record Store Day, Lefse Records revealed that they'd release a compilation called Space Project (which would include songs by Spiritualized, Beach House, the Antlers and more) that would incorporate sounds made with Voyager space probes as it travelled through space. Regarding the Antlers contribution, "Jupiter," the song was created using "electromagnetic fluctuations in the magnetosphere" while the Voyager probe actually travelled by the planet Jupiter. As Butters would say, "neat-o!" While the songs are still only available physically, Lefse has now released the Antlers' contribution online, which you can download for free in exchange for your email address. It's certainly an otherworldly, ethereal piece of music that transcends all space and time. Hear it below. In other Antlers news, read our review of their recently dropped Familiars LP here.