Download: Chromatics - "Running From The Sun" (Free Album)

Chromatics leader Johnny Jewel is no stranger to randomly dropping off free music, but he’s outdone himself this time.

Chromatics head honcho Johnny Jewel is no stranger to randomly dropping off free music, but he's outdone himself this time. Late last night, he put out a free 35-minute album made up of songs recorded during the Kill For Love sessions called Running From The Sun.

Jewel explains:

Jet lagged & buzzing from Friday's show in Paris, I couldn't I stayed up all night with Oko talking about color based dreams while blending these tracks together. Since the album came out, a lot of people on the road have been telling us they are curious to hear some of the unreleased music from the Kill For Love sessions...Recorded November 2009 through December 2011, these songs were all mixed between 4 & 6 a.m. After hours of tracking at the studio in Montreal, we'd clear the channels on the mixer, open a bottle of wine, & feel around in the dark...working our way through the atmospheric elements & peeling back layers of rhythm...throwing the songs into the abstract pile & playing them while driving home in the snow...

This is a lullaby for you...
Sweet Dreams!
Johnny Jewel

Dreaming In Color (00:23-03:08)
Red Car (03.09-07:27)
Kill For Love (07:27-11:30)
Last Wish (11:31-15:01)
Running From The Sun (15:02-19:13)
Disintegration (19:14-22:31)
These Streets Will Never Look The Same (22:32-30:53)
Blue Moon (30:54-34:38)