Download A Digital Box Set Spanning Ryan Hemsworth's Career, For Free

Available now via BitTorrent

Does Ryan Hemsworth even sleep? I mean, 'prolific' wouldn't even do justice to describe the Canadian electronic music producer's career recently, with a new album, Alone for the First Time, set to drop on November 4th (which includes lead single "Snow in Newark"), not to mention his recently released Secret Songs series. Now, on top of it all, Hemsworth's pulled a Thom Yorke, releasing music via Bittorrent. The difference, mind you, is that Hemsworth's release spans his entire career, and you can download it now, for free. There's a regular bundle, which includes 18 songs, and a premium bundle (which is also free, and only costs you your email address) that includes 47 files. Hear/download/check it out below: