Download Kendrick Lamar's First Mixtape, Released at 16


The internet is often a wonderful place. The latest example is The Masked Gorilla unearthing Kendrick Lamar's forgotten gem, his first ever mixtape, released at the tender age of sixteen. Like we're sure all mixtapes released by sixteen year olds are, his tape was called Y.H.N.I.C., or Youngest Head Nigga In Charge. On the tape, Lamar explains: "We put [Y.H.N.I.C.] out on a local scale in Compton and built a buzz in the city and eventually got to this guy named Top Dawg, he had his own independent label..." and the rest, as they say, is history. The tape is undoubtedly a must-hear for any K-Dot fan. Download it below:

DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Lamar - Y.H.N.I.C.