Download: Lykke Li - "The Lost Sessions Vol. 1"

Lykke Li

Here’s your holiday gift from everyone’s favorite Swedish pop songstress – Lykke Li’s offering a free three-song EP of “Lost Sessions” on her blog, which features alternate takes of Wounded Rhymes highlights “I Follow Rivers,” “Jerome,” and “Youth Knows No Pain.”

These acoustic versions – Lykke’s stunning voice takes center stage over haunted, minimalist instrumentation, mostly on piano and bells – are different, but even divorced from the backbeats they bear on the album they’re truly stunning pop songs. We’re particularly partial to this version of “Youth Knows No Pain” – it sounds recorded on Garageband in someone’s bedroom with naught more than a dusty out-of-tune piano and some kitchen-item percussion, but it’s still absolutely irresistible. You can download for free below:

LYKKE LIThe Lost Sessions Vol. 1(zip)