Download 'Screwed & Chopped' Version of Rustie & Danny Brown's "Attak"

Courtesy of Michael "5000" Watts and Swisha House

Paul Wall's The People Champ was at the forefront of the southern rap revivalist movement in the mid-2000's, with Wall, a member of the Houston rap label Swisha House, an unlikely figure for bringing hip hop back to the south. As many of you will remember, it wasn't long before DJ Michael "5000" Watts, founder of the label, released the Screwed & Chopped version of the album, which saw Watts slowing it all down, allowing us to really take in the sounds and lyrics. While southern rap continues to be a mainstay of hip hop - with current poster boy Young Thug repping Atlanta to the fullest - there hasn't been an anthem fit for Watts to screw and chop, until Swedish producer Rustie collaborated with Detroit rap hero Danny Brown on "Attak," where you literally need subtitles to understand a word Brown is saying. Well, thanks to Watts, the subtitles are no longer necessary. Download here, via Stereogum, and listen to a snippet below: