11 Downloads You Won't Regret

Featuring Big Boi, Kid Cudi, Future, Swans, Future Islands, Lotus Plaza, Cate Le Bon, Allie X & more.


[Other Downloads You Won't Regret]

Allie X – “Prime”

Yes. Just—just, yes.

Bear Hands – “Bone Digger”

“Bone Digger,” Bear Hands’ latest, is just too funky to have come from human hands.

Big Boi – “Part Time Hater (ft. Kid Cudi & Stevie Wonder)

While Outkast reunion gossip flourished, Big Boi quietly released tracks each week as part of his Mashup Mondays series. “Part Time Hater” is the last of the group.

Cate Le Bon – “He’s Leaving”

For a song about heartbreak, “He’s Leaving” is surprisingly musically laid back. Leave it to Le Bon, the queen of bittersweet tunes, to make it not only work—but prosper.

Earl Boykins – “Leggy Blondes”

I was disappointed to learn that Earl Boykins the band is not equivalent to Earl Boykins the basketball player. Then the music started, and I moved right on to rockin’.

Future – “I Can’t Believe (Moving On)”

Autotune is alive and well on Future’s “I Can’t Believe (Moving On),” a track that won’t see his upcoming record’s final cut.

Future Islands – “Seasons (Waiting on You)”

Future Islands’ tear continued this week with the release of their latest record, Singles. Album opener “Seasons (Waiting on You)” is arguably the spark that started it all, thanks to the band’s stunning rendition of it on Letterman earlier this month.

Hallelujah the Hills – “Pick up an Old Phone”

Hallelujah the Hills is a band without frills, and “Pick up an Old Phone” wears their skin well: plain and simple, it’s just a damn good rock song.

Lotus Plaza – “Indian Paintbrush”

“Indian Paintbrush” is the 13-minute A-side to Lotus Plaza’s (Deerhunter’s Lockett Pundt) most recent, most ambient cassette tape.

Sophia Mitiku – “The Hollow”

“The Hollow” is a beautiful and awe-inspiring introduction to Sophia Mitiku—an artist who recently signed to FatCat Records.

Swans – “A Little God in Our Hands”

Swans is back. I don’t even need to say the rest.