10 Downloads You Won't Regret

A fresh batch of free downloads.
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Our first batch of free downloads in 2015 is loaded with lush melodies, layered harmonies, and gradually building guitars. In other words, it's a winter mix. Stay warm!

"Soft Offering," Hey Rosetta!
With bands like Arcade Fire and Coldplay charting new waters on recent albums, we're in desperate need of some ambitious, epic pop-rock. Look no further than Hey Rosetta! The exclamation point is part of the band name, but on new album Second Sight, they earn it—punctuating songs with big bridges and tight production.

"Cold As It Is," The Lone Bellow
A winter song with a ton of warmth. The Lone Bellow's sound borders on country, but leans closer to swooning soulful rock.

"Glacier," James Vincent McMorrow (Live at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel)
Another winter stunner, but with a more seasonally icy, atmospheric feel. McMorrow's voice carries brilliantly live.

"The Night We Met," Lord Huron
Lord Huron is back with trademark blissful harmonies and lush guitars. Dreamy and sleepy, but never boring.

"The Valley" and "I Was Wrong," Oh Hellos
Beautiful chamber-folk with campfire choruses. Has all the propulsive drive of Mumford And Sons, with less predictability. Download the full album at NoiseTrade.

"All The Time," Bahamas (Live in KTUX)
An already-chill song gets even chiller.

"Chateau Lobby #4 in C," Father John Misty
Father John Misty's album is one of the most anticipated of 2015, with good reason. This one is a sweeping orchestral waltz, seemingly pulled from another era.

"Tools," Yellerkin
Impressive fusion of electro-pop and folk, with a surprising big-beat, dance floor ending.

"Yes" and "Hands In The Dark," Chromatics
These two dark synth-pop tracks may break from the "wintry folk" theme of this week's playlist—but their icy, ambient buzz certainly still works with the February chill. "Yes" serves as the "Love Theme" from Ryan Gosling's directorial debut Lost River, and judging from the trailer, he really wants to replicate the style of Drive. Getting Chromatics to work on the soundtrack is a step in the right direction.