11 Downloads You Won't Regret

featuring Miguel, Shlohmo, Dave Longstreth, Wale, Laura Veirs and more.


[Other Downloads You Won't Regret]

Eric & Magill – Psycho
“Psycho” comes out of the gate sprinting, and, as brief as it is, it rarely lets up.

ARMS – Comfort
ARMS released a super-underrated album full of kickin', melody-driven rock called Summer Skills a couple of years back. “Comfort” doesn't stray too far from anything off of that album, and in no way is this a bad thing.

Electric Guest – The Bait (Shlohmo Remix)
I'd never heard the original version of “The Bait” until this week, but holy crap. L.A. Producer Shlohmo took what was a handsome/good-times-all-around jam and turned it into Sloth from The Goonies. Talk about a make over.

Miguel – Can't Sleep 2gether
If you thought Miguel couldn't be anymore straightforward about his sexual desires than he was on Kaleidoscope Dream, just listen to the first five seconds of “Can't Sleep 2gether”.

The Debauchees – I've Got Energy
The Debauchees are a trio of up and comers from Kentucky. “I've Got Energy” is a, well, pretty energetic track and a pretty delectable sample of what to expect from their soon-to-arrive full- length debut.

Laura Veirs – That Alice
“That Alice” is an ode to the late Alice Coltrane, a jazz musician and composer. The track is pretty straightforward—musically and lyrically—telling the tale of Alice's life and the affect her legacy has had on Veirs.

Nat Baldwin – Look She Said (ft. Dave Longstreth)
Nat Baldwin is the bassist for the Dirty Projectors, but he also writes and records his own music under his own name. “Look She Said” is a super deep cut of his own from 2005 that happens to feature fellow Projector Dave Longstreth.

Rapsody – Dark Knights (ft. Wale)
In a hip-hop year dominated by two albums with questionable or uninspired lyrics (I'm looking at you Yeezus and Magna Carta), “Dark Knights” simply cleans house—not to mention the city of Gotham.

The Fatty Acids – Airsick
The Fatty Acids love corny synths, funky rhythms, and tricking listeners into thinking they're having a good time while they pile on profound, deep lyrics.

Typhoon – Dreams of Cannibalism
Though Typhoon's“Dreams of Cannibalism” is a mere three minutes long, it contains a zillion instrument parts, choir-like vocals, and a number of shouts to boot; the track is truly at once a grand statement and a humbling gesture.

Ta-Ku – We Were In Love
Any time anyone mutters the phrase, “we were in love”, they could be saying it in one of two ways: they're either looking back on memories with a certain fondness, or they're looking back constantly and offering a cold shoulder at the same time. The track “We Were In Love” definitely falls into the latter group.