10 Downloads You Won't Regret

Featuring Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Ryan Hemsworth, Raury, Sylvan Esso, and more.


"Circles" - Vanic X machineheart

We deserve “Circles.” In a pop music landscape where “Fancy” was the Song of the Summer by default, and “Bang Bang” dropped a few weeks too late, we need a track to rally around with pop mentality but indie credibility; with of-the-moment production but timeless accessibility. “Circles” is trap-inspired music that your parents can still vibe to. It’s a summer song with enough melancholy for any season. But most of all, it's an absolute banger. Roll the windows down and blast this one – you deserve it.

"Cream Soda" - Ryan Hemsworth (with Tomggg)

When you name a song “Cream Soda,” it better be sweet. And bubbly. Hemsworth’s latest jam lives up to its name, with twinkling synthesizers bright and bouncy enough to soundtrack an entire level of Super Mario Bros. In fact, at certain points the track all but directly mimes the game’s signature theme, inverting the melody to make it even happier than usual. If the Mario theme is perfect for jubilant pre-teens, “Cream Soda” is a preschooler’s anthem. In a good way.

"Carousel Ride" - Rubblebucket

While Hemsworth's buoyant anthem is perfectly named, Rubblebucket's stunning single is anything but. Instead of mirroring the slow, boring roundabout ride of bobbing horses it's named for, "Carousel Ride" twists and turns with the goofy randomness of a Wild Mouse roller coaster. Playful synthesizers soar over a head-thumping guitar riff for the song's chorus, while it wisely slows down to carousel pace for its calmer verses.

"Crawl (Christian Rich Re-Work)" - Childish Gambino

Gambino’s “Crawl” doesn’t exactly call out begging for a remix…it basically already sounds like one. But Christian Rich finds a way to "re-work" (as he labels it) the song into something far darker by looping and amplifying its most prominent feature – the brooding choir of eerie, computerized chants, ready-made for Halloween.

"The Writing's On The Wall" - OK Go

You've already seen the incredible, illusion-filled video. (If not, what are you waiting for?) But much like OK Go's otherviralhits, this song can still get endlessly stuck in your head on its own - no visual accompaniment necessary.

"Violent Shiver" - Benjamin Booker

Booker is on the verge of blowing up, and with good reason - he blends old-school blues sensibilities with the raw, perfectly unpolished production of modern lo-fi punk.

"Superfly" - Raury

Kid Cudi tweeted out the link to Raury's debut mixtape four days ago, subtly passing the torch to a young prodigy who seeks to capture Cudi's genre-spanning fusion of emotional soul and cinematic rap. While Cudi's influence can be felt on most of the mixtape, it's "Superfly" that pays direct homage, as the 18-year-old artist puts his own lush, folk-rock spin on the "Day 'N' Nite" chorus.

"Every Time" - The Last Bison

Pulsing, foot-stomping folk-rock with plucked strings, twinkling bells, lightly added keys and sing-along "woahs," for your ears to enjoy.

"Wolf" (Live in KTUX Studio) - Sylvan Esso

The sparse, synths-and-vocals duo brought their uniquely modern sound to the KTUX Studio for a smooth, hypnotic performance featuring typically memorable cooing from singer Amelia Meath and buzzing beats from partner in crime Nick Sanborn.

"Power [Trap Remix] (Cymbal 303)" - Kanye West

Yes, this song came out four years ago. And this remix has been around for a year...but I just discovered it. And it's awesome. Plus, don't we all want to pretend we have some new Kanye to listen to?