Dr. Dre / Nas / T.I. - Topless (radio rip)



Wait... is this for real? A new Dr. Dre song on the radio? I know how you feel. It's that awkward feeling that is somewhere in between excited and afraid. Is "Topless" the first single off Dr. Dre's mythical Detox? I'm not really sure, at all, but this does give me hope that our wait for Detox (eight years and counting) will be a lot shorter than the wait for GNR's Chinese Democracy. My only worry is that it will disappoint as much as Chinese Democracy (I tried really hard to use the word "suck").

Or maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.. when he introduced the track, DJ Envy from Hot97 mentioned Nas first. Could this be off one of his new projects? Or what about T.I.? It is my understanding that he is planning to release one of those deluxe edition things for his latest album Paper Trail. I guess he needs the cash flowing while he's in the big house. Also, did anyone actually hear Dr. Dre rapping? I must have missed it... Let the speculation begin

Dr. Dre / Nas / T.I. - Topless (radio rip)

Thank you SPZSHIP for the rip.