Drake - Fear



Ah Drake. After all these months, you have yet to impress me. Or so I say.

Drake's "Best I Ever Had" has been haunting me all summer long (with this heat, it sure as hell ain't over), and I have been enjoying it. I still haven't warmed up to his mixtape just yet, nor do I think I will, but when his So Far Gone EP drops next week(same day as Kid Cudi... whoa), I will be sure to give it a good hard listen (or four).

This new track, "Fear," will be included in his EP (which will include 5 songs from his 18-track mixtape of the same name) and is one of two new tracks that will appear on it. I'll just say it now, this track is immense.

The production is smooth, credit that to 50 Cent and Jim Jones producer DJ Khalil. Lyrically, Drake prides himself in keeping his music honest and real. "Fear" touches base with, not only, how he is dealing with fame and money, but how his friends and family are taking it as well. Groundbreaking, right?

Whatever this kid lacks in originality, (still sounds just like Weezy on his autotuned hook) he makes up with in charisma.  And, for now, that's fine. We have Kanye and Cudi for originality and where has that got us? Autotune tearjerk-ers and Ratatat-produced, marijuana-induced philosophical slow jams.

I think I'd rather follow Drake into the dark the familiar, well-lit road to superstardom. For now anyway. Listen to "Fear" below: