Ellie Goulding "Starry Eyed" (Penguin Prison Remix ft. Theophilus London)


For Ellie Goulding's proper debut single, "Starry Eyed", two of New York's burgeoning artists, Penguin Prison and Theophilus London came together to let us enjoy this monster track under a different guise.

"Starry Eyed" will be released by Polydor in the UK next month. No word on a US release, but judging by marketing trends instituted by the people that run the Little Boots and VV Brown show, I am guessing Ellie Goulding won't impact American shores until 2011, probably long after you stopped caring about "Starry Eyed". [via]

Show of hands: who still listens to Little Boots' Hands nearly as much as you used to last summer, if you still listen to it at all? Well, Hands hits US stores this March! Ridiculous.