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Eminem - 3AM

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If you wanted a more serious, less Weird Al Eminem, you have him here on "3AM," the latest track to leak from Relapse. The song is lead by a melodramatic Dr. Dre production (or a convincing wannabe), that would be great if Eminem's melodramatic(er) lyrics didn't drive this song straight into the ground. The song's theatrics run so deep it brings Kanye and Lil Wayne's terrible collaboration in "See You In My Nightmares" to mind. But then Em starts talking about tugging off to Hannah Montana and making a mess of the walls and murdering his family. Oh, and he manages to include Kim Kardashian's ass in this song again.


Even though it takes a more dramatic angle, "3AM" is a huge piece of garbage that will be deleted as soon as I'm done writing this. Worst song of 2009.

Eminem - 3AM