Eminem - We Made You (Dr. Rosen Rosen Remix)


It's funny how reptitive radio plays can really change your heart. Looking back at my initial review of Eminem's "We Made You," I said that "there is a certain level of genius that I have come to expect from" Eminem, and that this first single is "missing it."  And closed things off with "at the end of the day, “We Made You,” or incognito single “Crack A Bottle” never resonate the way the rest of his endlessly fascinating catalog does." I failed to see 2 things.

1. It's not 2003. I can't expect Eminem to be that good ever again.

2. Em likes to kick his album off with the most bankable single first. "We Made You" isn't as bankable as "Crack A Bottle," but it's still hanging around iTunes' highest tier.

Another reason to like "We Made You" (and it's carbon copy counterparts) is because they tend to make the fun remixes. I doubt "Sing For The Moment" or "The Way I Am" (my two favorite Eminem songs) would make fun remix subjects. Dr. Rosen Rosen's remix of "We Made You" is the perfect example. I really like this remix. So much, that I am totally okay that "We Made You" was ever recorded. Bring on Relapse and the remixes.