Empire of the Sun - We The People (The Golden Filter Remix)


These zany looking 'mos are Empire of the Sun, one of the many new Aussie imports that I have failed to pay proper attention to. Empire of the Sun is an spunky little duo made up of two other Aussie acts I also don't follow closely, The Sleepy Jackson and Pnau. Note the myspace links I'm leaving... this is your cue to do some homework and get caught up. Empire of the Sun released their debut album, Walking on a Dream in October of 2008 in Australia and Feb and March elsewhere. Walking on a Dream hit stores Stateside on April 21st. Expect a review up real soon.


PMA faves, The Golden Filter took it upon themselves to remix Empire of the Sun's great, great debut single, "We The People." The product is a 7 minute dance epic. It's not meant for the dance-floor per se, but any dance music fan will appreciate this, especially at the 4:50 mark. Is it too early to nominate this for Best Remix of 2009 honors? Extremely better than the original. Listen to it here

Download this track here