Esmée Denters - Casanova (Feat. Justin Timberlake)


Justin Timberlake discovered Esmee Denters through Youtube and based on her debut single, you can tell why.


When Donnie Klang released his debut album, Just a Rolling Stone, he received criticism for cribbing JT's style and now it seems like Esmee is cribbing the style of Ciara (there are parts in the song where she sounds just like Ciara) and Danity Kane.

The song isn't terrible by any means, in fact, it sounds very late 2000s but you have to wonder why JT would sign a fresh talent he discovered on the Internet and make her sound like so many people that came before her?

The truth is, almost any other female singer out right now could have released this as their third or fourth single but it doesn't really do much to announce the arrival of a fresh new talent. Listen to "Casanova" after the jump

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