Eva ft. Lupe Fiasco - Slow Down


“Slow Down” works like this: classy R&B lady croons about young men moving too fast over an echo-y club beat of faux strings and thudding bass drum, popular rapper adds a verse from the point of view of said young men, inserting proof of his bad-assery, song ends with auto-tuned reprise of catchy, snappy one-liner chorus. Eva’s soprano is pretty, the beat is classy and dancy, and Lupe’s verse is alright, but I simply cannot muster much positivity about this song because I am pretty sure I have heard it two million times before, and in this incarnation the lyrics are pretty lame. “Save your tears for a rainy day!”


If classy R&B ladies auto-tuning about pushy dudes are your thing, you might appreciate this song far more than me. Give it a listen.