Fanfarlo - Ghosts


Fanfarlo's debut album was released in the first quarter of 2009, but sadly I never gave their album the repeated listens it deserved. Looking back at it now, Fanfarlo have a distinct quality about them that remind me of a British Arcade Fire, which may have been why I shelved the great Reservoir prematurely.


Just minutes into the album, plays "Ghosts," my favorite song of theirs. Carefully orchestrated between Neon Bible's God-fearing art-rock and Beirut's melancholic folk, "Ghosts" takes off with a spark of prowess and individuality, still.

Though I can name a handful of songs within the "Ghosts"-soundscape, that came before Reservoir, very few hit the mark as well as "Ghosts." In a year without an Arcade Fire release, I'd gladly give their cool little cousins a listen.

Fanfarlo - Ghosts