MP3: Fang Island - "Asunder"


Rhode Island’s finest math-pop trio Fang Island are back in the game this summer with their second record Major, and here’s hook-laden, chugging lead single “Asunder” for your headbanging pleasure. Good luck not getting whiplash, because “Asunder” is a track that just doesn’t let up – massive, motorik drums relentlessly pound as tightly interwoven pop-punk guitars fight for dominance, frontman Jason Bartell wails anthemic, catchy lyrics, the whole thing ends in a storm of clattering handclaps. All in all, “Asunder” puts Fang Island in the front lines of a slew of great bands (see: Titus Andronicus, Turbo Fruits, etc.) fighting to reclaim the genre “pop-punk” from its associations with mall rock and winning. Major drops July 24.

Fang Island: "Asunder" | MP3