New Fang Island: Sisterly MP3


We’re digging the fist-pumping pop-punk samples we’ve heard from Fang Island’s upcoming record Major – first single “Asunder,” and now “Sisterly,” which follows in its predecessor’s vein of chugging guitars, soaring riffs, anthemic lyrics, you name it. We’re digging the garage-rock flavor Fang Island bring to this track though: “Sisterly” has an almost timeless youthful flavor that immediately conjures up images of house shows and garage practices and cranking it up in your secondhand car. In short: we’re big fans. Major drops July 24.

Fang Island: "Sisterly" // MP3

Fang Island: Major Tracklist:

01. Kindergarten
02. Sisterly
03. Seek it Out
04. Make Me
05. Never Understand
06. Asunder
07. Dooney Rock
08. Regalia
09. Chompers
10. Chime Out
11. Victorinia