Fischerspooner - We Are Electric (Hot Chip Remix)


I fucking adore Hot Chip. That is a simple fact of mine. Their last album, Made In The Dark, was one of my 2008 favorites and their covers of Vampire Weekend's "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" and Joy Division's "Transmission" got plenty of spins from me. Their take on Fischerspooner's "We Are Electric," however, isn't really blowing me away. It actually pained me to go through the entire 8 minutes and 15 seconds of monotonous drivel.


I might as well comment on how stylistically different this remix is, compared to other Hot Chip recordings. I wish I could say that they have taken off in a new, interesting direction, but sadly, this new direction is not interesting and is ultimately a disservice to both Hot Chip and Fischerspooner.

Hopefully next time around we can get an interesting offering from Hot Chip because this isn't it.

This remix will appear on Fischerspooner's new We Are Electric 12".

photo by phunktdotcom