Fool's Gold - Nadine (Memory Tapes Version)



When two rising stars collide the result can be extraordinary. Memory Tapes, a band debuting their LP at the end of September, gives Fool's Gold, a starting band from LA, a new vibe. Memory Tape twists Fool Gold’s song “Nadine” in enchanting and dancey ways. Fool’s Gold’s lyrics are kept simple and minimal, letting one get lost in frequently changing beat Memory Tapes.

The African influence behind Fool’s Gold is definitely present in Memory Tapes remix as it starts off upbeat with yearning vocals. Mid-way through vocals fade as blissful chimes change the tone till the last third of the song when a new melody with burst of electronic pitches overlap with vocals to create a enjoyable fluidity until the end.

Memory Tapes’ limited LP Seek Magic (its on vinyl too – kinda exiting) comes out at the end of September and Fool Gold’s self-titled debut is out September 29.

Fool's Gold -

Here are a few Memory Tapes mp3s, courtesy of Gorilla vs Bear.
Memory Tapes -
Memory Tapes -
Taken By Trees -