MP3: Foxes - "Let Go For Tonight" (demo)


Louisa Rose Allen makes music that delicately walks a line between the diva posturings you hear on Top 40 radio and the layered orchestrality of indie chamber pop, which is probably why we like her project Foxes so much. Allen’s dropping her first real release under that misleadingly plural monicker, an EP called Warrior, this summer, and she’s just shared a demo version of one of its tracks, “Let Go For Tonight,” which was co-written with frequent Florence and the Machine collaborator Kid Harpoon. It’s probably her most anthemic track yet, and it’s so complete-sounding and resplendent it’s hard to believe it’s a demo. Allen’s vocals are fantastic, the production impeccable. Warrior drops July 1.

Foxes: "Let Go For Tonight" (demo) / MP3

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